Long telephoto lens for landscape photography with D800

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Re: Long telephoto lens for landscape photography with D800

p m h wrote:

Need recommendation for long telephoto lens (200mm-400mm) for landscape photography to be used with a D800e camera.

I currently use a 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII combined with TC-20E III which produces acceptable results. But recently i had the opportunity to use a rented AF-S 300mm f/2.8G ED VRII which completely blew my mind. However, it costs more than my budget allows.

My situation looks like this:

  • Looking for something in the Range of 200mm-400mm. Zoom lens is not a must though, prime (e.g., 300mm) will work.
  • Will use it for landscape shots, so autofocus has lower priority than sharpness. I am okay with Manual focus.
  • Will mostly use f8-f16.
  • Weight is not an issue since i won't be using the lens for long hikes.

Any help with choosing the right lens would be greatly appreciated.

I love taking landscape photos using telephoto lenses. Here are some samples taken mostly with my 70-200mm+2x tele and D700. Sorry, no D800e tele pic to share yet.

Very nice lanscapes.

I have yet to purchae a 300mm for my 800e but from what I have learned so far am gravitating toward the 300/F4 as a short term option. My first choice would be a Leica APO Telyt R 280mm f4 280/4 but they are rather hard to find and quite pricey but I hope to pick one up eventually. I have the little 180/F3.2 APO Telyt and it is a gem on the 800e.

As a landscaper I have no interest in hauling an F2.8 around. I would also suspect that at the F16 end of your f stop range that the resolving power of the lens is not so important.

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