Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP John W Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 549
Re: Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

Thanks for the good explanation, Andreja.

I've been wanting to investigate the cause in my specific cases but that requires more expertise than I can bring to it.

I'll try the registry changes via RegEdit next. Since they were designed for Server 2012 but "also applies to Win 8" (RTM?) they probably fit Win 8 as distributed. But the Win 8 RTM (*.exe) version 'does not apply' to the Win 8 distributed version, though is probably basically compatible but apparently 'locked out' because of potential incompatibility.

I've been looking in Windows8 forums, and will take my case there if the regedit change does not help.

Or I can live with the problem until it gets fixed by the official channels (driver providers etc).

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