Why was every shot at f/5.6?

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Re: Why was every shot at f/5.6?

ralphcramdon wrote:

McGene wrote:

Do you shoot jpeg or RAW -- my understanding is that jpeg is influenced more by camera settings than RAW. Could be wrong.

that is correct and it makes way more sense to shoot 100% raw, 14 bit loseless

and every pic needs PPing, jpg or nef

I agree that every pic that is more than a snapshot needs PPing. Maybe people have a different definition of what PP is? I consider basic PP to include at least some of the following: exposure, colour temp, contrast, highlight recovery, black level, clarity, crop/angle, saturation, tone curve, etc

I don't know how people shoot RAW and like what they get of out camera. It looks flat. Maybe they shoot jpeg and have the camera set on "vivid" and they think they are not doing any PP but they are.

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