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I agree

Msnap wrote:

The important thing here is that Adobe just maimed most of their competition. GIMP is no-longer the most capable free image editor. PDF editors are now largely redundant. It's another nail in Quark's coffin. I suspect that the only competition to get away lightly will be the Illustrator alternatives: Inkscape, Xara and the like. In my experience from talking to others, Illustrator is the only one of the set which isn't well liked - even though it's the industry standard. I do share that sentiment myself. At least having a way to open and convert AI (with good results) can be useful.

I think this is a very carefully thought out strategy, combining good PR with getting a broader customer base, without compromising their current products too much as far as their usual market is concerned, most of whom will want the latest version. As you say, though, it cuts the feet from under the cheaper competitors who basically rely on software that is on the same level as older Adobe.

By doing it this way, they have not set a precedent either, so they can monitor the effect without expectations of it being a repeatable exercise, which would otherwise have a lot of people just happy to sit behind the 'evolutionary curve', so to speak.

It could be a gaff, I suppose, but you would have thought the link would have been removed by now if that was the case.

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