Maybe Switching Brands

Started Jan 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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The grass is greener over the septic tank...

No matter what brand you go with, the other brand will come out with some new thing next year.  Use what you know.  I shoot Nikon.  Sometimes I think I should have bought Nikon, and my Canon friends sometimes think they should have bought Nikon.  I have a friend who shot Canon from the outset, then dumped it all to switch to Nikon, and now he's thinking of going back to what he knows....  Great gig if you can afford it.

Keep what you have.  Don't sell anything.  Buy a D600 (or 800) and a couple decent lenses for it and use that as your primary.  Keep the others as back up.  You won't get enough for them to make selling them anything less than a total bummer.

I would give the same advice if you shot Canon and were thinking of going Nikon.  Both of them are outstanding.  The differences are so minor that only photographers....  Really nit-picky ones...  Notice them.

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