5d3 or D800 for landscape and architecture

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Re:Canon Vs Nikon Tilt Shift for landscape and architecture

Nic Granleese wrote:

I think the D800 creates a dilemma because it's one hell of a camera for architectural photography with incrediable shadow detail almost matching medium format cameras (check out this comparison http://youtu.be/9UBTE4xpvpk), but the Nikon live view is poor (important for acute focusing) and the Nikon tilt shift lens line up is lacking compared to Canon's (no 17mm TSE in the Nikon range, not to mention independent movements).

So do you go for shadow detail and pixels or for lenses and live view / focusing?

I'm currently a Canon shooter and have seriously been considering the switch because of the D800. I have investigated using canon lenses on a Nikon body but it turns out that it only works the other way (Nikon lenses can use adapters for canon bodies, but it doesn't work in reverse). I'm not holding my breath for canon to match the Nikon D800 as canon seems to be focusing on speed and Iso. My best compramise at the moment is to get a D800 with a 24mm TSE and a Canon 5D iii with 17mm TSE. It's definitely not a cheap option, but the best DSLR kit I can come up with for architecture.

Wow! Although still relevant, I'm not sure the OP is still hanging around  indecisively waiting to make up their mind.

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