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you will ALWAYS need to know how to clean your sensor

leerob wrote:

I never cleaned sensor on any camera, except mirror and focusing screen on my film camera. I'd be afraid to clean any sensor by myself. Should I wait for Nikon to fix oil/dust problem?

Fact is, EVERY DSLR ends up getting enough dust on the sensor to become visible at least on shots done at smaller apertures say f11 and smaller.

It's not just some tiny particles coming off the shutter/mirror, it's dust entering when you change lenses, or dust entering, or even being pumped in, when you use lenses that are not well sealed.

It SEEMS that the D600 has a bit more issues of self-contamination than other DSLRs, but if you do some search on the Internet you'll notice that pretty much EVERY DSLR gets a lot of "dust on sensor" issues early on.

- you will need to learn how to clean your sensor
- it is not very difficult to do, but it takes a bit of time and patience to do well
- it is not that risky to do because the sensor is protected
- various kits are available, mostly either dry clean, or wet clean.  (1) Dry clean is the simplest, a plastic tool and wipes, but takes longer to get a perfectly clean result.  (2) Wet cleans better - in the early days some cheap brands did sell products that could actually harm the sensor but these days are long gone.  (3) blowing air using one of these super-cheap blowers works surprisingly well sometimes - In the heroic days some guys actually simply used blow driers very successfully but personally I wouldn't dare to try it as strong air flows can build up static charges in electronic circuitry.
- testing for success is easy as pie:  set your camera to Live View with a small enough aperture say f13.  If there are spots, you'll see them at once.

Good luck

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