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Re: Thumbnail problems

brucet wrote:

I run a Win7, 64bit system. 4gig.

I work on a file, (nearly always tiffs), in a program such as PSPx5 or Photomatix.

The problem is when I try to load a file that I've just been working on it's not always in the folder. (No icon).

To get the icon/thumbnail to appear I need to change folders and back. Only takes a second to do. But why aren't my thumbnails appearing in a folder once saved?

EG. I work on a tiff in PSPx5. Save it. Then when I open Photomatix the file doesn't show up in the folder. I have to change folders and change back again. Then the file/thumbnail appears.

It seems I have to manually refresh the folders to get the files/thumbnails to appear. (I've cleaned up the cache via the Control Panel).

Any clues as to what's happening.


Have you a raw codec (or raw codec pack, or raw thumbnail utility of any kind) in your computer, that attempts to render Explorer thumbnails for raw image formats?

If this is the case, try to remove it. Since many raw formats looks like TIFFs from the outside, it is possible that a bogus raw codec or raw thumbnail provider, in particular one supposed to handle old Canon raw files that used to have a .tif extension, crashes for some reason when stumbling on your files.

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