Quick switching between low-res and full-res: which cameras are good at that and which are not?

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Absurd request..but

JimboJet wrote:

Hi all,

I'd like to buy a new SLR or mirrorless. A non-neglectable part of my photos is taken in museums, where additionally to the normal full-res photos of the object I also need to take a low-res pic of the descriptive text sign associated to each object. Now I don't need full resolution on that text (besides, it would just eat memory space for nothing and slow down the processing afterwards). Usually 640x480 is good for that. Unfortunately, many cameras require a tedious browsing through menus to change the resolution back and forth between low-res and high-res. So I'd be interested in any function keys or other feature that would allow to switch between resolutions quickly and easily. I'm not bound to any lens system yet but would like to be able to use old M42 lenses with an adapter. Thus my question:

Which mid-range to budget cameras can switch quickly between full resolution and a low resolution, and which cameras should one better avoid if quick resolution change is needed?

If you really need to do this then I have a solution for you:

Purchase a Panasonic mirrorless M43 camera. They usually have a dial on top with several custom modes.

Every custom mode can be programmed with different resolution settings. (and more)

This will allow you to set a high resolution and a low resolution mode.

now you can switch between these modes with the dial very quickly

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