Picasa and D800 files

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Re: Picasa and D800 files

_sem_ wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Why use Picasa when the Nikon ViewNX2 is much better and free to download?

Well, Picasa is also free, and is much more responsive for quick basic edits, and is much more user-friendly for non-geeky folks. I must admit I have no experience with the large D800 files though.

Despite being rather funny as a raw converter, Picasa happens to be useful for assessing wide-DR NEFs. Unlike VNX, which sticks with the in-camera defaults, it normalizes the exposure of images. Meanwhile, VNX can't do wide DR at once at all (in CNX, U-Point can be used to do some more). Working with raw files is not any more complicated as with jpegs in Picasa; however it is frustrating if you don't like its default conversion.

LR has a similar concept as Picasa on steroids, and offers much better quality and more powerful editing. But it is not nearly as responsive for edits, and also less simple to use.

I do use Picasa sometimes for some final touch up of JPGs, never for raw. While I find it to be very useful on occasion, I also noticed that in certain situations it may introduce pretty ugly banding of its own, in grid-like fashion. Seems to affect high ISO files in particular. So, I'm always on a lookout for this problem, which might be easy to miss until later, and often avoid using Picasa altogether for any editing at all for this very reason. I do prefer Picasa for image viewing/organizing better than other software though. I find that it doesn't get in the way trying to be extra helpful. So, that's what it is most useful for, in my opinion.

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