D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera?

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Re: D600 kit from B&H...Question!

I have question from an aquantence regarding the info posted above about determining if a D600 is absolutely brand new. I don't recall at the moment, the 1st time "turn on" sequnece I encountered when I purchased my D800e.

When he removed his D600 from the box and inserted the battery, the 1st thing that comes up on the LCD is to choose a language a language (from a list). He didn't want to go any further at the moment, not sure if he's going to keep his D600 or not, and chose not to set a langauage and then ultimately would probably ask him to set the date (I guess). he simply turned off the camera after it asking him to select a language.

** His question was if someone has already set the language and date and nothing more (or maybe took a few test shots) can they then get the camera back to showing the very first initial menu selction of selction just "selecting the language" (from a language list) as it looks when 1st turning on a new D600?...or is that list of selecting the langauage only available upon 1st turning on a new D600? Thanks.

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