Check this out! Speedbooster adapter...

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Re: Check this out! Speedbooster adapter...

hexxthalion wrote:

MiTaka wrote:

Pretty close.

The combination of 50/1.8 + Speed booster on APS-C will behave like ~54/1.9 on a full frame camera.

Some years ago Nikon and Fuji made cameras with built in condenser nikon E / fujix ds, they used nikon f mount on 2/3" CCD and no crop factor.

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Dimitar Ivanov

Thank you very much for your response. So this pretty much makes your old FF lenses on APS-C cameras FF lenses again if I get it correctly

Would be interesting to compare 50mm F/1.4 Nikkor (AiS) to 35mm f/1.4 Fuji. I know that AiS Nikkor used to be really good lens with nice bokeh

In this comparison the nikon+booster will be like 35/1 so you will win one stop through using the condenser

Both combinations will have FoV equivalent to ~53mm leica format, but one will have approximately full stop advantage

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Dimitar Ivanov

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