Trading a T2i for 40D?

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Other things to consider,...

photonius wrote:

Yes, I understand, but given the rather different release dates, it should be factored in.

True, but it's a hard thing to consider, regarding the way Bob presented the dilemma. It wasn't like he described the actual 40D in question and its condition. Had he done that,  it might have been something to jump on...or avoid.

For instance, I bought the 350d at the same time a friend did, right when the camera first came out. Mine has been used extensively and in harsh conditions. I would never suggest someone trade for it. His is near mint and if he has as many as 1,000 shutter clicks, I'd be shocked.

I think my mistake was giving an opinion before asking questions about the particular 40D he might have traded for.

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