Can the PlayMemories app for iOS/Android trigger a set of AEB images with the Sony NEX-6?

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Re: Can the PlayMemories app for iOS/Android trigger a set of AEB images with the Sony NEX-6?

blue_skies wrote:

brian65photo wrote:

Thanks - but tried that last week and it doesn't seem to work for me.

Whichever shooting mode you choose, when you start the app it sets the camera to 'Remote' mode and you cannot then choose AEB.

Also, it appears that the app will not work with Ia modes, only P,A,S,M

It would be really nice if Sony would change something so that we can shoot AEB via remote.

Hmm, I usually use A mode.

Anyways, I just tried it, from an iPad this time, and it works fine. (I had to select Network manually).

Caveat, the camera takes three images, the properly exposed, the over and under exposed ones, and the merged image.

On the camera, the properly exposed image and the merged image are stored, but only the merged image is transferred to the iPad.

Maybe you are trying to combine the AEB app with the Remote App? This does not work, only one App can be active at a time.

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So the camera takes 4 images then? Can the AEB mode shoot a series of images in -2, 0, +2?

If I use my iPhone 5 to use the app, will the composite image show up in my iPhone 5? To be honest, I don't want the composite image. Is there a way to disable that? Are you confident that the composite image isn't saved on to the camera's memory card? I much rather do the HDR merging with a dedicated app on my PC.

Can you confirm that the Bracket Pro app can shoot a maximum of 3 frames with AEB?

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