Can the PlayMemories app for iOS/Android trigger a set of AEB images with the Sony NEX-6?

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Re: Can the PlayMemories app for iOS/Android trigger a set of AEB images with the Sony NEX-6?

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I would be delighted to learn how to use my Galaxy S3 to trigger AE bracketing on my Nex-6 please.

Simple, select the Nex-6 built-in AEB exposure mode and install and select the (free) Remote App from the Apps menu.

Launch PlayMemories on your S3 and you are good to go.

Note, there is also a more extensive (non free) AEB app, but this app cannot be triggered remotely.

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I just read about the Bracket Pro app, but at $4.99, I'm not sure whether there's any value to it. I'm more interested in bracketing exposures for HDR purposes.

You don't really need it if you only want AEB, the built-in version will suffice.

So I just want to make sure that I understand the procedures perfectly. Once I select the AEB exposure mode and I load up the application on my iPhone, will I have to long press the shutter button on the app to trigger the bracket of shots or one tap of the button on the app is enough?

Just one tap, the camera will take multiple (3) images. (the fee-based App allows more)

How intuitive is this process? I read that it can take a while for a phone to connect to the NEX-6 via wifi. If I turn off the NEX-6, will I lose the wifi connection or the connection is maintained until the camera is dead?

Simple, just like any remote shooting.

Pairing the Nex and iPhone/iPad/Android must be done once. Then after, you simply start the WiFi from the Nex. Make sure that your handheld device connects to the Nex WiFi network (should be automatic). Then launch the PlayMemories app on your handheld. Voila.

Reconnecting takes perhaps 5 to 10 seconds, and must be done each time that you power up the Nex. I prefer to power down the Nex and save battery power that way.

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Are you sure? I just read a NEX-6 review and the reviewer said even the paid app won't allow more than 3 frames to be shot in AEB mode.

Let's say I want to use the app for a self-portrait. According to a review that I read, the app only permits a 2 second timer. Is there no option for a 10 second option? 2 seconds is awfully short.
Also, it appears that another poster is contradicting your post. I'm slightly worried that your experience hasn't been replicated by another user!

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