Capture One 7.02 being released January 14

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Re: Capture One 7.02 being released January 14

(Sorry for the errors in the former post of mine. Here's the corrected one.)

Not necessarily.. You can try it with any digital camera, however with ones having larger DR you can get better shadow details, if not also longer gradation.

Here's a sample with D800E, normal exposure:

Normal exposure

Here's the same scenery shot at 4, 5 and 6 stops down:

4-stops down

5-stops down

6-stops down

First, developed in P1-C7, the same sequence, i.e. top thru bottom -4, -5 and -6 stops:

P1- 4 stops down

P1-5 stops down

P1-6 stops down

Now the same shots in LR4, again in the same sequence as above:

LR-4 stops down

LR- 5 stops down

LR-6 stops down

As you see even the shots with four or five stops underexposure may not be so desperate to develop in most programs although Lightroom offers an advantage, maybe up to one full-stop compared to the others. The detail issues and noise "raised" due to such applications however are totally different issues; there personal preferences may count more than a stop recovered.

Try these with any developer you have.. at the end you may have better ideas about how to cope up with hopeless situations but also -very possibly- how to avoid clipping highlights in very contrasty sceneries.



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