Best choice for first/only prime on 6D FF?

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Re: Best choice for first/only prime on 6D FF?

jackkurtz wrote:

If you already have the 24-70 f2.8 why are get or keep the 24-105? Use either of those as trade bait or help fund your primes. Then look at a 35 (either the Sigma or Canon, but the Sigma is getting excellent reviews) and the Canon 85 f1.8 or 100 f2. I have the 100 f2 and love it. Just an option. Both of those zooms are rather large and heavy and redundant. Selling one could go a long ways towards paying for your primes.

(Personally, I'd keep the 24-105 for the IS but it's ultimately largely a matter of taste).


Yes, I understand this logic. I basically thought of getting the 24-105 only because it's a good price with the kit, has the IS, is a lot lighter than my 24-70 and is easy to carry around, has pretty good IQ, and could be a good zoom for video. There are some folks who like this lens. 

I wonder, however, if a kit lens that is so common would have much trade in value (without a box), should I wish to unload it?

But I do like the idea of saving $$ by not getting the kit and getting a 35 and 100, and using the 24-70 for the mid range until I trade that in.

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