A flash decision - do I need TTL?

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Re: A flash decision - do I need TTL?

Well, wouldn't you mind distinguishing between "TTL-flash" and "auto-flash"?

If all you need is from "TTL" is automatic light metering, then old-style auto-thyristor flashes will do it for you for less money. Moreover, unlike today's TTL, they still measure light in real time - during the shot. On contrary, TTL on the DSLR relies on pre-flash for the metering. So TTL is no more the most accurate method - unless camera-subject distance doesn't change.

IMHO the more important feature of the dedicated TTL flashes (more precise some of them) is high-speed-synchronization. With manual or auto-thyristor flash you cannot use exposure times less than your camera's X-sync, which is around 1/160 - 1/250 dependig on the model; with dedicated HSS-capable flash you can use any.



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