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Re: I don't agree, X-Trans good?

CAcreeks wrote:

Max, why the heck did you start a thread with such a meaningless title? The moderators should take you to the woodshed.

I am not sure X-Trans will be good in a small-sensor camera. It certainly will be interesting to to find out when the X20 comes out this spring. X-Trans seems to have these flaws:

  • chronic underexposure
  • smearing or whatever compared to Bayer
  • lower color saturation than Bayer
  • less precise spatial resolution than Foveon
  • need to raise ISO to improve DR, unlike EXR

Low color saturation? One of the reasons images from Fuji X cameras look better than say Sony Exmor images (D7000, K5, NEX-5N) is better colors.  I don't know if X-Trans produces better color depth in lab tests as DxOMark hasn't tested either the X-Pro1 or X-E1, but owning a D800 and having owned the X-Pro1, I can tell you that colors from the X-Pro1 are much nicer, and more natural (particularly greens and reds) than the D800s.

As far as smearing, that's not an issue that's due to X-Trans but it's related to software vendors inability to properly convert X-Trans RAW files.  Lightroom 4, and others simply do a poor job in this regard.  Fujis own in camera conversion does not produce any smearing at all, which tells you that it's not a sensor issue, but a software issue.  Once software vendors figure out the proper algorithm for converting RAWs, the smearing will no longer exist (fingers and toes crossed).

As far as Foveon, Foveon is great at base ISO, but that's about it.  X-Trans also produces a much more natural looking rendering while Foveon images tend to look brittle, with more aliasing.

** Note.   Bulleted lists in the new DPR forum software are nearly impossible to respond to point by point.  Has anyone else tried to start typing in between bullet points?  It's an exercise in frustration to get the cursor to move to a new, non-red line.

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