Why was every shot at f/5.6?

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Re: Why was every shot at f/5.6?

McGene wrote:

I realize my post bumps my position on the forum -- that's not my intent. Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice.

Some very helpful advice was shared (along with a few humors experiences -- thanks!!!!)

The reason I didn't allow the ISO to fluctuate was that I was concerned about sharpness.

So, here's my concluding question for this post: What contributes most (if it's one single thing) to sharpness (assuming the lens can produce tack sharp images), is it:

  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture

I understand they all work together and impact one another. My experience has been that when I let ISO get to 800 or higher -- I'm not happy with the clarity of the image. Granted that was with the old version of the 18-200 Nikon lens. Could be that the new 70-200 f/2.8 VRII will produce excellent sharpness at higher than 400 ISO.

shutter speed is the deal breaker

You can't fix a blurry pic

iso and noise has nothing to do w/ the lens

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