What System Meets My Many Needs?

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Re: Do you know anything about photography ?

hval wrote:


The Kibble Palace is beautiful and a pleasure to go around. the other greenhouses have also been renovated, but not to the same standard, unfortunately.

I am after one camera due to the following: -

1/ When I travel I do all the types of photography I have listed. I travel with one carry on bag so need something light. A lot of places I travel to I will never get to visit again so want good quality photographs and video.

2/ When I travel there are often places where I may only charge up one item due to the fact that there is only one or two power sockets (if I am lucky) and power is only available a few hours a day.

3/ When going to an airshow, or for a hike I don't want to be carrying two camera systems.

4/ My wife is embarrassed when I go to events with a rucksack full of cameras and lenses. She likes it when I go with a small discrete bag. I don't get paid for my photography, but often get asked to take photos by friends, family and aquaintances.

5/ Living in Glasgow I need a robust weather resistant camera due to the continuous rain and the fact we very, very rarely get any sun.


You may be right about the lack of skills with a flash, but that comes around from the fact I don't like using one and now lack the practice at using one. I wasn't always this way about using a flash.

I take all your points about your wish to have one camera. Sometimes, though, you need to accept that you can't have everything in one package.

If you want small and light you can't have a full frame DSLR with several lenses. If you want a fast focusing very long lens you can't get away with a mirrorless (AFAIK).

Apart from long trips away you can generally predict the kit you'll need for a particular outing. On those long trips you need to decide what's more important -- weight/bulk or image quality/versatility.

When I changed career away from still photography I made a policy decision and bought a camera bag 4"x10"x6" (10x25x15 cm). I never carry more than will fit in that bag, apart from my tripod. I was fed up with carrying a bag the size of a suitcase with medium format reflex, big pro flash and all the bits to go with. Sometimes I have one camera and several lenses. Other times I have three cameras with one lens each (folding 120, 35mm film, small digital P&S).

For serious digital I have a Fuji X-E1. It has limitations that don't impact my style of photography and I can use all my Nikon & Pentax glass on it with adapters. Its native lens is a 35mm f:1.4 (50mm equiv on full frame) which suits my preference for not using flash for social events, but it's got a dinky little on-camera flash that I can use for fill-in when I want to. I could fit a full set of Fuji primes into my camera bag along with the body and a few filters. The whole lot would weigh about a kilo.

I don't know what camera shops are left in Glasgow now, but I suggest that you find one where you can handle the different cameras on your short list, even if it means going down South.

By the way, I'm not the one who commented on your non-use of flash or on your experience or lack thereof.

And it doesn't always rain in Glasgow!

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