New build--feedback sought ($1400 content creation system)...

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Birk Binnard
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Re: New build--feedback sought ($1400 content creation system)...

Just a couple of notes:

1. Get the Samsung 840 Pro instead - it's faster and has a 5 yr warranty;

2. In addition to the SSD get 2 HDD's (if you are going to do HD video) or 1 if not.  For video you want separate input and output drives.  Use the HDD for page/swap/temp/scratch to reduce the number of writes to the SSD.

3. The higher priced CPU will pay off if you are doing video rendering.  I'm not so sure it will have a significant benefit otherwise.  The additional cores only come into play when you are running a multi-threaded application.

4. From what I can understand the video card is the single biggest determiner of how many watts your PS needs to put out.  Maybe the vendor has some suggestions on this.

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