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Re: X20

xchert: lol, I can understand why mate.

evoprox: Perhaps the x20 matches the iso of the x10 using any exr mode up to iso1600, hence nullifying the need for EXR SN, if so - the real difference will be noticed using Advanced Low Light mode where the improvement in the x20 will be amplified even further.

As for jpeg v/s raw, Fuji claim the processor and sensor of the x20 work hand in hand, so the processor benefit should still appear in raw to some extent.

Rachotilko: For me at least when comparing the X-Pro1 and X-E1 against the full frame Nikon D4 and Canon 1D at iso6400, the Fuji's betters the Canon and on balance breaks even with the D4. Clearly then the combination of processor and sensor in the Fuji's achieves an impressive low light capability in raw, given what Fuji is claiming for the X100s in their graphs this benefit is being extended with version II.

Luc de Schepper: Enjoyably photography mate, makes for a good view, the d700 has long been a favorite, what excites me is the new Fuji X system cameras give us that same FF performance at a fraction of the cost. Getting a slice of that benefit with the new x20 is likely to be something very special for many enthusiast photographers.

Ryan: The x10 is already an excellent low light performer for a 2/3" sensor camera though fully utilizing that benefit requires quite a bit of knowledge, the x20 simplifies the task of using the camera and lets the photographer concentrate more on the job in hand. The x20 also improves the resolution of the camera substantially and brings improved Pro Low Light performance.

Les: Your right mate, we can only go by what Fuji is claiming and when the image examples come rolling forth we can then see how all this stacks up. Its sometimes good to analyze what benefit is being claimed and hone in on that when the evidence comes to hand.

Paul Till: Canon aps-c sensors vary in size depending on the model.

jimr: Dead right mate, for now everything looks magic, patience and time will tell.

Luego: Fuji consistently list the new x20 as starting at iso100 and there is nothing to say that the x20 will not deliver dr200 at iso200 and dr400 at iso400 just like the x10 at 12mp - the larger aps-c fuji's start at iso200 though that's often the case with that sensor size. Again only time will tell, perhaps a manual will resolve some of the questions. Best to you mate.

Steen Bay: The x10 iso jumps from iso100 to 200 with nothing in between in manual iso as well, so there is no real change there.

Joel: Dead right mate, though from what we know the x20 will have better resolution and be much simpler and faster to operate - including focus, bringing it very much closer to being wicked street shooter.

Well thank you everyone for throwing ideas around, for me with the new phase/contrast focus looking like being included in a more refined x-e2/x-pro2, I'll likely hold off buying one of the current models and take the plunge with an x20 if it stacks up. If the x20 breaks even with the x10, I'll live with the complexity of the older model and sit tight, though I think there is a very good chance it will better the x10 by some margin.

So far, on paper at least, the x20 looking pretty impressive and an improvement.

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