Panasonic G5 + 12-35mm compared to Canikon FF with pro zoom?

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Kim Letkeman
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confused ...

Mazevision wrote:

Hi, I'm tired of lugging the big Nikon gear but like the DSLR ergonomics. I did a search and the best compromise seems to be the Pana G5 + 12-35mm and maybe the 35-100mm or Oly 75mm later as the telephoto lens. I thik also that keeping my D600 with my 50mm 1.8g and 85mm 1.4D will suffice for my DOF control.

So you want something to supplement the D600 ... smaller and lighter than the already fairly small D600 ...

My question, do some of you have that m4/3 combo that replaced their FF gear? how is the ergonomics, weight and IQ compared? G5 + 12-35mm is about 2000$, so before making a decision, I would appreciate your opinions. My other choice is a Nikon D5100 with kitlens for 1/4 that price (It's about 500$ in Canada now) with similar ergonomics and IQ, or maybe not?

My confusion comes from the need to replace the D600 when you want more portability. Presumably that's why you paired the G5 with the pro zoom. So how does the D5100 come close to matching the portability? The body is light enough, sure, but the lenses are huge. I don't see it ...

You do mention kit lens, but then if you are willing to buy a kit lens and take the hit in quality, why would you not buy a kit lens for the G5 and save a bunch of money while getting even better portability than the D5100 and kit?

The logic does not quite play for me ...

So that's why I'm asking how good is the G5 + 12-35. Thank you!

I have the G5, which is extremely good. I sold off my Nikon D7000 and all my lenses and grabbed a G5 and a bunch of Panny lenses and one Oly. I don't have the 12-35, but it is reputedly an excellent lens, but fairly heavy.

You might want to grab a small kit like the 14-42 X PZ Vario pancake and a prime like the Oly 45 1.8 ... that gives you great coverage for portraits and a small zoom to give you some flexibility and range.

Just some thoughts ...

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