Youm flexible OLED displays: a winning product?

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Youm flexible OLED displays: a winning product?

Every company in that business wants to make thin OLED displays that can be printed (more or less) onto a flexible material.   Every display company must have hundreds of related patents and shown prototypes at one time or another.

Some kind of thin, light, flexible display will eventually be found on your phone, but remember that durability is also essential, and your phone is banged up both in and out of your pocket.   If Samsung (or someone else)  has to protect the display with a scratch-resistant glass cover that's thick enough not to break easily, does it matter so much what's underneath?   Your phone will be thinner and lighter than now, but that happens every year.  Some year your whole phone will be cheap and disposable and made of flexible scratch-proof plastic, but no time soon.

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