Is my Dell Laptop capable of Video Rendering / Editing???

Started Dec 24, 2012 | Questions thread
Birk Binnard
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Yes,, but slowly

Your laptop will be OK for the editing part because that places a fairly low load on your system overall.  The heavy load is with rendering - especially if you are working with HD (1920x1080) quality video.

When rendering Vegas wants as much CPU power as it can get, and it gets a boost from using the GPU on either nVidia or ATI video cards.  It also likes to have separate disks for input and output.  And of course lots of RAM.  Your 8GB should be enough RAM but your CPU won't perform as well as an i7 and you will  miss the benefits of GPU acceleration   All that means that your render times will be longer - how much longer is hard to say.

FYI my HD render times are about 3x real time, which means it takes about 3 min. to render 1 min. of HD video.  My system is Win7-64 running on an i7/920, 6GB RAM, nVidia graphics, 2 HDD's (video input & outpiut) and 2 SSD's (Win7 + apps, temp files).

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