UEFI, does it offer an advantage for a Win 8 PC?

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Re: thousands of eyeballs
No hope required. With an open OS there are thousands of eyeballs that get to see the code.

One thing I noticed, with my electronic subscription to "Le Monde", the newspaper, I can obtain .zip files, and for years and years, when you extracted the files, it wouldn't create the directory, as in Windows.

Only recently, during the last 15 or 18 months, was that ever fixed. Previously it didn't work in "Nautilus" nor in "Archive Manager". Real basic functionality, that didn't work until 15 months ago. Amazing.

And for applications, often you'll find there are 5 or 6 different applications that all kind of do the same thing, and each one has it's own bug. Each one works great for the way the guy that wrote most of it uses it, but if you use it a bit different, there's a bug.

What I am trying to say, is that I get the impression that a lot of stuff in the open source world is focused around the fun stuff. Building new applications, and Linux kernel development. Everybody wants to be the star.

One says "thousands of eyeballs that get to see the code", but I'd wonder if very few of those thousands ever look at anything they didn't have a hand in.

Security in Linux may be a huge fallacy, that survives only because the market is so small that malware writers never target Linux. But were things ever to be put to the test, the fallacy would become obvious, in short time. Maybe. I'm not sure.

I myself run Fedora these days, more often than not, and I like it. Windows 7 is fine, but I just got tired of looking at it. And I wonder if I am running less risks, because I am on the less used platform.

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