Best choice for first/only prime on 6D FF?

Started Jan 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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Another plus of the Canon 35 / 2 IS over the Sigma 34 / 1.4 is the closer MFD (minimum focusing distance). It's only a couple of inches, but, well, just another factor to consider.

In the end, I think I chose the Sigma because for me, personally, I think I'd be shooting f/1.4 more often than I'd be using IS or needing to frame that tightly. The only other thing going for the Canon was size and weight, but, in the end, I'm at f/1.4 an awful lot, so...

I probably won't be framing that tightly either (and for now have the macro on the 24-70). As a relatively inexperienced photographer, I've found 1.4 difficult to use because so shallow (I owned a 50 mm 1.4 once). It's nice to have though.

But aren't brighter lenses also "brighter," in a way, when stopped down (1.4 stopped to 2, brighter than the f/2 lens)?

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