Official Fuji X bag

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Chris Dodkin wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

The bag above has magnetic straps, Buckles are decorative only. I found out that there's no such thing as an ideal bag, there're only bags that appeal to you at the moment. Your camera system grow and shrink, a perfectly fit bag now can be too small or too large later. I also think a bag that's heavier than my camera is not a perfect bag.

Billingham bags have the best quality & longevity, and provide the best protection for your kit

It's flattering that so many companies try to replicate the look

But that's typically where the similarities end

Of course, Bilingham is not for everyone - price is a huge factor, and they are expensive

But I have used them for three decades, and I've yet to find anything better

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I certainly don't doubt the quality of Billingham. I have spent similar dollars on a bag. My problem is not that they fall apart, all my bags are still intact even the $20 Chinese import. I have never had any camera damaged while it's in the bag either. The reason I moved on and got another bag is because I:

  • Switched camera/system
  • Acquired more lenses
  • Sold many lenses
  • Got tired of their looks
  • Bag got too heavy (walking around all day with a shoulder canvas bag can screw you up)

My point is your ideal bag today might not be ideal tomorrow, so that's something to consider before dropping $200 on a supposedly life-long bag.

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