Online printing services need printer profiles?

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Re: Online printing services need printer profiles?

jejton wrote:

I have been slowly getting more comfortable using LR and would like to start using it for printing, not just cataloging and editing. I am a little confused about the need for printer profiles if I am using an online printer service (i.e. shutterfly ). My understanding is that using a printer profile would help my printer output (i.e. if i was using a home printer) match what I am seeing on my screen. However I've come across threads that write of using downloaded printer profiles for printing at offsite labs - online or even B&M like Costco. I'm confused about this. Wouldnt the Printer need the profile to make sure their output matches my file? Do I need to use a downloaded printer file even to view the photo on my computer correctly?

I am using a PC with Adobe LR 3 with Spyder for monitor calibration. I don't plan on printing proofs at home.

Shutterfly do not use ICC printer/paper profiles, they use the sRGB color space.

If you are using LR, then simply save (export, or print to jpeg from the Print Module) your image as an sRGB jpeg, and then upload it.

You can view the resulting image in LR, but unless you have a calibrated monitor, I don't know what good that would do you.

Brian A

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