Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

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Re: Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

Andreja wrote:

malch wrote:

John W Hall wrote:

I've been plagued by this for weeks, about 2 - 4 times a day, ever since Win 8 & an SSD.

Check the firmware level of your SSD and see if the manufacturer has issued any updates (e.g. for Win 8).

What malch said. I'd add checking to see whose DPC is being found to be problematic.

DPCs (delayed procedure calls) are as old as Windows itself. It's just that nowadays there are additional mechanisms built into the OS to find and flag DPCs which are causing unacceptable problems down in kernel-mode.

Since DPCs are intimately tied in with their respective driver(s), the best approach is to update the respective hardware/firmware/driver, as opposed to shooting the messenger by trying to hobble the DPC watchdog within the OS.

Hi Andreja, thanks for your input.

I agree that weeding out the bad apples among the drivers is ultimately a Good Thing, but currently the attempted cure is worse than the disease.

re hobbling the watchdog - I assume the hotfix IS from Microsoft. But it it supposed to be a fix or merely a band-aid?

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