Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

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Re: Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

malch wrote:

John W Hall wrote:

I've been plagued by this for weeks, about 2 - 4 times a day, ever since Win 8 & an SSD.

Check the firmware level of your SSD and see if the manufacturer has issued any updates (e.g. for Win 8).

Checked SSD f'ware. When installing SSD Magician it would not install on Win 8 until I set it to use Compatibility Mode. having done that, I ran Firmware Update and it tells me I already have the current firmware. This SSD was new about 2 months ago.

re other drivers: I updated NVIDIA & Realtek Azalia audio. Didn't find any other candidates but perhaps I'm missing something.

I just tried running that hotfix mentioned in the OP, it says it's not applicable to my system.

When I first found a reference to the hotfix is said it was for Windows Server 2012, but the poster said it is also applicable to Win 8. When I went to download the hotfix, there was a checkbox to select the Win 8 RTM version (only - and that's what is not applicable to my Win 8).

I reckon I have two choices:

1) Live with it and hope that MS or someone gets a grip on it soon

2) Try the 'manual' registry change, i.e. create those two keys with the specified values, after a Registry backup.)

Thanks for the info tho, malch.

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