What is Street Photography? define please

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Re: What is Street Photography? define please

Paul20 wrote:


I think James hit the nail on the head with his definition of 'visual truth'. The photograph has to be more than just a record of events. For me context is important. By 'context', I don't mean whether the photograph was taken specifically on the street, but rather how the context affects the attitude of the people being photographed at the time.--

I think this "context" is a critical part of street photography.  Images of the people should be supported by the environment that they are passing through - this helps complete the "story" that is being conveyed.  This is strongly illustrated in your (quite humorous) first image.

As you images show, there is a strong compositional element that must support the primary subjects.  The background must add to the emphasis of the subject.  I see too many images in which the background dominates the image and the subject material is very weak.

Your images do give me an idea to open up my shooting to include more of the environment - this might be difficult since I usually shoot very tight for any subject material (not just street work).

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