Can't get reverse macro to work

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Re: Can't get reverse macro to work

Bryrup wrote:


I have a problem with reverse mounting my OM 50mm F1.8. I have a Panasonic GF1 and a reverse mount for the OM 50mm. When I reverse mount the lens it does not focus closer than if i had it mounted normaly ~0.5 m. If I have the lens off camera and just look through it, I can clearly see the magnification. Am I doing something wrong?

I hope there is someone who knows what the problem is.

I couldn't be certain because I've never tried reversing a lens on a short back flange distance camera (in case you've not aware, this distance between the lens mount and the sensor is much shorter on mirrorless cameras than on SLRs). I'm guessing that you might need to move lens further from the body. To try this out simply hold the lens in front of the mount, and move it further out. If this is works and you have a m4/3 reverse adapater, the cheapest solution would be a short tube from those cheap manual extension tubes in m4/3 mount. Alternatively if you have any adapters for other lens mounts you could just get a reverse adapter in that fit.

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