Not giving up on Olympus just yet!!

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Re: Imagine you would have bought a Nikon D3 for $ 7499.-

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A canon or Nikon user can sell a lens with comparatively little loss and can sell it pretty quickly without having to take a low ball offer. You don't see canikon lenses selling for below half their value for example.

I also did not see Olympus lenses sell for below half of their value.

I hoped I would get a cheap used 14-54-II, or 150 F/2, but that is not possible.

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Go look at what 11-22 lenses are selling for, if they even sell. I would sell mine but it's more like just giving it away.

The other point is while a D3 lost it's value, the lenses you bought will it didn't and can still be used (With -better- AF performance etc) on this newer model without adapters and/or loss of function.

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Exactly my situation-> my six nikon lenses from 2006 are back in use on a newer sensor.  Very simple, no fuss, no muss. My only issue with Olympus was the low light IQ and their silence on the upgrade options.

All in All I am happy with my New Toy.

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