A flash decision - do I need TTL?

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Re: A flash decision - do I need TTL?

Tckay wrote:


Im just beginning to use flash. I have an A57 and currently use the onboard flash with a self made bounce card. I would like an external flash and can't decide between the Yongnuo 560ii or the Metz 50 Af-1, the difference between them is that the Yongnuo is half the price (£55 vs £129) but does not have TTL capability.

As a beginner i'm interested to know how necessary others find this function. I genreally photograph my chiidren/pets, indoors with large aperture.

Thanks for any advice.

I recently got the Metz 50 AF-1.  It's a phenomenal flash, powerful, has the tilt, swivel, built-it bounce card and diffuser.  Works beautifully in TTL.  It's much easier to get the proper flash exposure the first time with TTL.


I have a family member that has eyes close without fail using TTL flash.  So I must use Manual mode, which cheaper flashes can handle.  Shoot me a PM with offer if you want to buy mine.

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