X-E1/X-Pro1 Auto ISO shutter speed limit: There's hope!

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Re: NO!!! you not getting the point!!! ;)

".so you wanting to have +1/3 rather then the correct exposure."

Not quite, I'd rather have +1/3 above the camera's metering because I have decided that +1/3 is the correct exposure.

"I just shoot at the correct exposure and push or pull in post."

You just shoot at the cameras metered exposure. If you are pushing/pulling in post you are literally saying the cameras metered exposure was not correct. I would rather fix that during capture (exposure compensation) to avoid blown highlights or to reduce noise in the shadows.

Besides, pushing/pulling doesn't help you if the cameras metering is blowing highlights or loosing shadows.

For example shooting in dim stage lighting with spots with a longer lens. That is exactly when you would want an auto ISO minimum shutter speed as well as the ability to dial in exposure compensation so you don't blow out details on the spots.

You can get partway there with the manual mode/auto ISO in the Fuji but it can not handle lighting changes the way a camera with with proper "minimum shutter speed" for auto ISO can. Set auto3200, 1/30 of a second  and shoot at f2.8. Camera will keep cranking up ISO to try and expose for darker lighting. All of a sudden lots of spots come on and you are overexposing all your shots because the camera is down to ISO200 and still over exposing because shutter is fixed at 1/30.

On my D700 using the auto ISO the camera would simply increase shutter speed (in aperture priority mode) to keep from overexposing as the auto ISO is just a minimum setting, not an absolute setting.


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