My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: Mine a disappointment

jalywol wrote:

P Berry wrote:

First, it's 4/3 view is significantly smaller than the GH1-2's EVF's, by virtue of being a crop of it's native 16:9 format rather than native 4:3. This computes to a 25% dimension decrease on each axis, and was striking to me on first comparison look.And not as detail rich due to smaller size. But in comparison to the OMD's relatively tiny one, it's still pretty big!

Next, it's color rendition simply doesn't "do" reds - all are shades of orange, with the secondary problem of lack of red being blue purple/violets - GH1-2 much more accurate color-wise. The GH3 does excel in contrast and saturation though. Am I the only one with a significant color problem - which, incidentaly was barely affected with the EVF color controls. Am I the only one who sees this color problem?

Are you finding your output in general is lacking in reds or just the EVF? I did notice the EVF color errors, but I also had a problem with the actual images rendering true reds. I got a lot of pinkish reds, oranges, and brownish oranges, but no true reds when I was out shooting a lot of brickwork when I was trying the camera out. After working with the camera for a couple of days, and not getting anywhere with it in terms of better results, I ended up returning it, thinking I had a defective unit. I am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.



Just the EVF, and to a lesser extent the monitor.


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