The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder

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Re: The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder

You mean the Xpro1?  Not much actually beyond the price...  problem is with most of these very technically advanced cameras is you can't just pick them up at the store counter and get a good feel for the machine... to many menus and other user-interface issues to get accoustomed to and understand...  it's not just oldsters like me (55) but many others according to the many camera sales folks I've talked to about this issue from Switzerland to New York, to Las Vegas... in the old days you picked up any brand camera and you got a good feel for it immediately... shutter dial, f-stops and such... today various manufacturers tackle operational interface controls in a variety of ways...

When I saw the X100 back in 2010 I was drooling to play with one... a few months later when it hit the stores I was very disappointed (more frustrated actually) by the fact that I couldn't get the camera to do what I thought it should do...  so I didn't but it until late November of 2012 when the black body came out... it took me lots of playing with store samples and then my own camera before I figured out the control style and operational style...

Back in 1917 you could walk up to a Sopwith Camel or the Red Barron's tri-wing and fly it (mostly)... today, try flying an F-18 when you've flown only F-4 Phantoms... much more complex...

That's all I am saying...

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