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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

I too have a Coolscan V and also an Epson V750. Having read your post tonight I thought I would fire up my Coolscan and remind myself of its use, I have been scanning a collection of both 35mm and 6x6 negatives using the Epson V750 for reasons of speed of scanning more than anything else and have scanned so far 280 rolls of 35mm film, only another 150 rolls or so still to do!

The reason  I chose initially to go with the Epson was the slow scanning and only being able to scan strips of 4 at a time in the Coolscan compared to anything up to 24 at a time in the Epson. I have scanned in at 3200 dpi and persuaded myself that if any images had to be printed beyond A4 then I would simply rescan those particular negs using the Coolscan at 4000dpi to give the ultimate quality.

I began this scanning job last year using my trusty Powermac G5 running OSX 10.4.11 Tiger. I have since changed my main computer to a MacPro running Mountain Lion and Epson Scan runs just fine on this system. However, Nikon Scan software will not run on any Apple computers using OSX 10.5 or later as I have just discovered and  you have to use a third party software. I have downloaded Vuescan to give it a try.

Initial impressions:

Couldn't get the software at first to recognise that there was a filmstrip loaded into the automatic feeder. It took several attempts at switching scanner on and off and loading and reloading filmstrip to eventually get it to scan.

Tried the slide adapter and scanned a slide no problem.

Tried using the FH-3 filmstrip holder- this is a real fiddle- but was able to scan the negs.

Went back and tried the automatic strip feeder again and now the software just keeps telling me to insert film into scanner, can't get Vuescan to recognise that the film is in the feeder.

When I bought the Epson V750 it came with a copy of Silverfast, will give that a try tomorrow and report back.

Glad I still have my old Powermac G5 as a back up computer and Nikon Scan. powermac G5's can be found quite cheap these days in the UK so a suggestion is to buy one and hook it up to the Coolscan or alternatively, find an Epson V700/750 and sell on the Coolscan. Going by my experiences of using the automatic filmstrip feeder tonight with Vuescan, I wouldn't be ready to condemn your scanner just yet. Will see if Silverfast can be used with the filmstrip feeder tomorrow.

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