Indoor sports (Ice Hockey) with ED 180/2,8 AiS

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Indoor sports (Ice Hockey) with ED 180/2,8 AiS

A friend's 2nd last ice hockey match went up Saturday evening in Tokyo. They lost 5-0. No matter, my mates and I downed two 6 pack of Suntory 700ml beer and called a bunch of "Kager!" and "Shinpan sucks!". I'm sure we were appreciated.

Previously, I had shot mountain bike and dirt bike photography in northern Japan and in Toronto using the 24-70 2,8G on a D200 accompanied by a wireless strobe. Well, I got rid of all of my G lenses back in 2011 because I no longer shot sports photography, nor needed AF. I picked up all Ai/S and pre-ai lenses plus two macro lenses for my new (and comparatively boring) profession of shooting and reviewing headphones, amps, and associated gear.

I had the 180/2,8 ED AiS lens with me and shot the full 3 periods. ISO of 3200 and exposure of 1/1600 was necessary to keep things relatively frozen. Outdoors, I could have pulled it off at 100-200 ISO. Well, the D800, as everyone knows, has wonderfully low noise. ISO 3200 with a bit of noise reduction, is practically squeaky clean.

The 180/2,8's long focus throw combined with the protective glass, and the beer, made for a number of out of focus shots, but considering everything was taken at 2,8, and more than 50% were critically sharp (for print, not for 100% pixel peeping), I'm pleased.

I've found the D800 has trouble sometimes with its focus point (which I used sometimes to confirm focus). It will move then stop moving when I press the selector. The menus work and don't work. It's a dud. I've not taken it in to get fixed yet as my work doesn't rely on speed, merely on patience, and I can get through a few mum presses.

Anyway, the 180/2,8 AiS is incredibly sharp. I bought it after selling the 70-200/2,8 EDG VRII, which I simply never used as it was too heavy, ugly, and drew too many eyes. The 180/2,8 is large, too, but has a telescoping hood, way better sun stars and as good bokeh. Into bright light, it flares more, but the flare is more interesting. Sports are definitely easier to shoot with the 70-200 especially because of the range, but ergonomics are better on the 180, and I get to choose which shots I want to even try for. The 70-200's short-mid range makes me want to cover 66% of the rink. With the 180, I worry only about the section in the middle and right in front of the closest net.

Time for drinking. Hat tipped to the 180/2,8 AIS ED.

I have other shots, but they are basically just like this. Hockey. No need to upload all of them to DPREVIEW.

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