GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

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Re: GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

masoncl wrote:

Also, the flash exposure control is only on when you let the camera adjust flash exposure with the overall exposure. This gets messy quickly because dialing down exposure -1 also turns down the flash. Any flash adjustments are on top of that -1, which means your max flash is now really a +2 instead of +3. It sounds silly, but when you're bouncing the flash sometimes you need the extra umpf.

That sounds terribly frustrating.

I like to keep my Flash and non-flash EV comps separate, does this make things more awkward?

After playing with things, I turned off the new exposure compensated flash mode and just use the buttons on the back of the flash.  For the pop up flash, I can see the new mode helping.


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