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Re: If you mean a DSLR of Foveon IQ with 5DIII level of performance

DMillier wrote:

If Canon or Nikon owned foveon what competition would they be eliminating by locking it up? Do Nikon refuse to use the 36MP sensor on the grounds of eliminating the competition? This is silly.

If they had exclusive use, there is no competition. If they found the technology superior and could persuade the punters to agree would they simply not release a high priced premium model with the sensor and say it's the best, if you want it, pay for it?

Either me being silly, or your being ignorant, or pretending to be as such. When a bunch of innovative engineers figured out how to implement the layered sensor idea, the big players had been too committed to the CFA approach to jump wagons, especially since 3D approach was a much more risky avenue. Why bother with it when you can make no less money with less investment and risks. But leaving competing technology out there for God know who to tinker it poses uncertain risks. So, if they could, they would …, you follow my drift? Just another conspiracy theory, but perhaps not too far off.

There must be a reason only Sigma were interested in Foveon. Most likely they know perfectly well that there are lots of problems with the tech and in their view the problems it solves are more than outweighed by the problems it creates. Certainly Sigma have been at this game since 2002(?) and have made practically no impact on the market so far. Either that is down to Sigma's poor efforts or the market has actually only got a niche interest in what Foveon can do.

It's still experimental tech in my book although I would expect it to have more of a chance if it were housed in a line of decent cameras.

Surely by now Sigma must have figured out that no one buys their cameras because they aren't very good. We won't have a chance to know what the market thinks of Foveon until the question is separate from what the market thinks of Sigma's ham-fisted camera building attempts.

You know that the best does not always prevail, just as people don’t always elect the best, sometimes not even above average, as their present. It’s all about who has more money (or, to put it more bluntly, with whom interest groups bet their money), thus can hire more trumpeters, or perhaps more smartly, more writers to slander the opposition.

Sigma, if you can't do any better, get Cosina to build the bodies!

Ironically and paradoxically, thanks to the good work of your naysayers in “enlightening” us the Lost on how technically inferior and impossible the X3 sensor is, by inherence or law of physics, I’m now able to much better appreciate what Sigma has done for us, as my eyes convince me how much better Foveon images are in reality every time I open an image from my SD. Sigma had made the impossible a reality?! Well, they must have done a damn good job, as insignificant as you try to make them to be.

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