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I have spend a happy evening printing out some of the full size shots from Sandy's trip (thanks Sandy for making all those full size jpegs available).  I've been printing at A4 and A3 size on my R2400).

The prints are pretty good, I must say.  Onscreen, the DP2m seems to show a curious luminance only noise in blue skies even at base ISO (looks a bit like a cloth weave).  It doesn't show at all in the A3 prints I'm glad to say. Colour looks very good as well - no weirdnesses like you sometimes get from the older models.

However... if you already have a decent camera, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about the output in these prints.  They could have come from any camera, really.  I would say you won't see the benefits of the high resolution unless you print a lot bigger. I'm guessing the printer is the limiting device here (or eyeballs).

I find that I'm quite influenced by all the ultra positive comments that fans, forums and reviews, Reichmann, Devlin and especially Quentin Bargate who's been an internet contact for a decade put forward about image quality but actually if you print modest sized prints, it all looks pretty much the same to me.  These days image quality really isn't any kind of problem unless you want to print big.

Thankfully, this little exercise has quelled the DP2m GAS - especially given the feelings I have about Sigma cameras!

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