GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

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GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

Hi everyone,

Since all the info here helped a lot for my gh3 decision, I thought I'd add a few details on what I've found so far.

You never really have to wait for the camera.  With a fast flash card it just flies through everything, and the large buffers mean you can grab most action sequences in RAW without problems.  Continuous focus is ok, definitely more keepers than the g3 but nothing amazing.

ISO 1000 and 1600 have very little noise and great colors.  3200 is ok, but resolution suffers.  You need to light 3200 really well and keep your subjects large for the shots to come out nicely.  It's still a big upgraded from the g3.

Having the flash exposure compensation directly on one of the dials is great, and it also adjusts shoe mounted flash.  Even the wireless flash mode works with my metz-50, and the FEC is dial is much nicer than pushing the buttons on the metz.  The metering works well: this is a crop of a fairly close shot, with the metz firing head on:

ISO 200, 12-35 at 35mm

But (as others have pointed out) I really miss FEC in manual mode.  Also, the flash exposure control is only on when you let the camera adjust flash exposure with the overall exposure.  This gets messy quickly because dialing down exposure -1 also turns down the flash.  Any flash adjustments are on top of that -1, which means your max flash is now really a +2 instead of +3.  It sounds silly, but when you're bouncing the flash sometimes you need the extra umpf.

I'd really like to see a way to control the flash from manual and without attaching it to overall exposure.  That gives you the most control, and in manual that +/- button already does nothing.

Overall, the raw files have much more margin for error than my g3 did  This shot below was over exposed a bit, but I was easily able to recover the blown highlights (bounced with the metz)

ISO 500 with the f2.8 at 35 (12-35)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
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