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Re: Update: Olympus B-300, TCON-17 & Panasonic DMW-LT55 [@ FZ200]

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Yes i saw your settings but i can't have a sharp image except if a put +2 in sharperning but i got too much noise with it and it worked wonderfull with my fz150... so maybe i thinking that is the autofocus can't do his job perfectly with the tc on the fz200... i have to try in manual focus to see that.

But what about the speed? i need to double the speed when i use the tc?

For example actualy weather is very cloudy and sky very gray i can't be over 1/100s without the tc so with tc i need to double the speed?

Try to use a tripod, and use selftimer when you shot the picture. Then you can be sure there is no shake.

Sorry for the dark cloudy weather - the same her, no sun for allmost 14 days.

Yes but i want to use the tc without a tripod or monopod

So today i took these two photos and again weather not very good almost raining sky.

First photo without tc but with EZ 5Mp mode , equivalent to 938mm, this is that iq i'm looking with a my nikon tc e15ed, sharp and fine details

EZ 5Mp 938mm

The second picture shot today the same place, same time almost same distance with the subject

And i see no shaprness, no details and no fine details, i jnow i shot with f2.8 but even with f4.0 or f5.6 this not match when i only use the fz200 alone.

TC E15ED + EZ 8Mp , equivalent to 1100mm

For me i never with FZ200 and TC e15ed had the same sharpness and fine details that i have without.

The difference in IQ is huge with and without TC E15ED.

I see from the EXIF data for these shots that the shot without the TC was taken with a shutter speed of 1/100 second while the one with the TC was taken with a shutter speed of 1/80 second. Unless it has affected the focussing accuracy the size of the in camera EZ crop should have had no effect on the resolution of the image. However the use of a slower shutter speed with a longer focal length will have resulted in greater relative motion between the image projected by the lens and the pixels on the sensor.

At these relatively low shutter speeds the blurring could also be due to the combination of the increased focal length, the lower shutter speed and the fact that the OIS system compensates only for the focal length of the camera lens and makes no allowance for the presence of the TC even if the TC option has been selected in the Conversion lens option in the menu. For further information see these threads: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50470565 and http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50470581

To the best of my knowledge the only way to compare the resolution of the camera with and without a TC is to turn off the OIS and mount the camera on a sturdy tripod in a vibration free environment then use a remote shutter release or 10 second delay to take shots of a resolution test chart with and without the TC in near identical lighting conditions. In that way the resolution can be compared objectively rather than subjectively. For further information see this thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/37031036

I hope you will find these comments helpful.

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J C Brown

Yes you comments is helpfull but my initial ask was what shutter speed i need when i use tc e15ed to have iq as sharp like the fz200 can do alone and with handheld?

For exemple my first image was shot at 1/100s f3.2 iso 400 so with tc is x2 or maybe even more? i try a lot of combinaison f2.8 f4.0 f5.6 and 1/200 1/500 .... for me it sems like a slight bad focusing when i use tc..

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