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Re: I don't agree, X-Trans good?

Max, why the heck did you start a thread with such a meaningless title? The moderators should take you to the woodshed.

I am not sure X-Trans will be good in a small-sensor camera. It certainly will be interesting to to find out when the X20 comes out this spring. X-Trans seems to have these flaws:

  • chronic underexposure
  • smearing or whatever compared to Bayer
  • lower color saturation than Bayer
  • less precise spatial resolution than Foveon
  • need to raise ISO to improve DR, unlike EXR

Rachotilko wrote:

X-Trans was not designed to improve the low-light capability. It's main purpose is to reduce the Moire patterns arising in case AA filter is absent. The choice to omit the AA filter is done to improve the sensor resolution. Light sensitivity improvement (stemming from elimination of the AA-filter losses) is slight.

So how come the X-Trans brought the FF performance to the world of APS-C sensors ? Well, it did not actually happen: when X-Pro1 was introduced, it was undoubtelly the much ahead of other APS-C sensors on the market and it almost rivalled the FF sensors available at the time (such as D700).

Since then, both APS-C and FF sensors have improved: several APS-C sensors (Pentax K-5II or Sony Nex7) achieve results comparable with those of X-Trans and D800 employs clearly much more superior sensor. Theses sensors even come in versions with the AA filter omitted - Penatx K-5IIs and D800E.

Is X-Trans sensor layout any good ? Sure it is ! Pentax K-5IIs has AA filter omitted, but that gives rise to visible Moire patterns, while output of X-Trans does not exhibit with this phenomenon.

Will X-Trans layout make X20 better than RX100 in terms of in high-ISO noise ? Hardly, but it may make it approach RX100's resolution - although it will have to fight the diffraction.

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