Battery Cases for NEX batteries

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Tom Hoots
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Re: Battery Cases for NEX batteries

Has anyone found a good substitute battery case or come up with another solution?

I have been using one thing ever since my first NEX-5:  A "pill pouch" plastic bag that I usually can find at my local supermarket.  Here is the exact thing at Walmart:

The size in the specifications appears to be for the entire package -- the little bags themselves are 3" wide and 2" deep "below the seal."  They are 2.5" deep including the seal portion.

I have found some that have a nice thickness to them, and others that have been much lighter in weight.  You can probably find similar things called "Pill bags," and so on.

At any rate, these fit the NEX batteries like a glove -- it's a bit of a struggle to get them closed at first, but then they're just perfect.  In the end, it's just that little bit of a cover that I feel I need.

Tom Hoots

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