new Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 again? But now with weather sealing for sports?

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Re: It is 2.8, sorry!

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

joger wrote:

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

. . . I set the camera to manual and RAW and made 3 shots of the same object with 120-300 at120mm and at 300mm set to 2.8 and - to compare - with a current Canon L lens set to 2.8, using the same shutter speed for all 3 test shots. All 3 shots look exactly the same in terms of exposure

since you don't mention which Canon f/2.8 lens you've used a very quick T-stops

70-200 f72.8 II L IS USM e.g. has T/3.4

1/3 stop or 1/2 stop is a very close if you're not shooting the very same moment from two two bodies.

Easy - let's wait until some trustable technology side tests the 120-300 T-stop

I am sure I am not too wrong - what is your agenda - mine is ultimate quality

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It's bound to lose some light but this T Stop thing does not affect bokeh and that's the important thing.

that's an action lens thing - if you loose light you loose speed of AF and I may quote lens tip-com here:

Still the autofocus can be hardly called fast. In typical lighting conditions running through the whole scale takes about 1-1.2 seconds and when it is darker it might take even longer

I am surely the least to rank AF very high owning a 5D II but when it comes to action photography I've learned that AF speed is really important and most of the calculation is done within the lens.

But let's talk images and not the proud ownership - here's an arbitrary image I've ranked as throw away for not being good enough (artistically) - that's why I am happy to post it in full size here - otherwise I'd hesitate to do that:

ISO 1600 and 300 f/2.8 II on 5D II plus 2x III extender at f/5.6

I own the 300 f/2.8 II for roughly half a year and it brought almost as much fun in my photography life as my TS-E 17 - both one of a kind lenses and unrivaled.

I will give the 3rd 120-300 a test when it is available in the Sigma rental store and I will be able to perform the rest on two identical 5D IIs at the very same time.

Cool down - I will post the results in the forum here

The 120-300 OS is not cheap either - if someone is happy to spend that much money for a lens that can be met with a cheaper and lighter Camon 70-200 f/2.8 II with a 1.4 x extender I am fine with that - my 70-200 f/4.0 L IS USM delivers very impressive results including 1.4x but it is nowhere near to the bokeh and sharpness of the 300 f/2.8 plus 2x extender

the bare lens is already extremely good but including the 2x extender it is amazing knowing other lenses and their performance in combination wit extenders.

I will post my results here once available - either good or bad - just wait a few months until it is available for rental.

performance including 1.4x and 2x wide open will be my main test criteria and I will shoot both lenses the very same time from tripod.

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