Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

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R3000, 6 months, zero clogs....

dperez wrote:

I think, as some others in here have recommended, if it's not broken, don't mess with it. I've gotta do some fiddly prints with a lot of detail to see if things look right, and if they do I think I'll just leave the thing alone...

I am, however, interested in some kind of script or whatever for windows that would enable the printer to periodically do a nozzle check...

ALSO, and this one may be more important - do I leave it ON or turn it OFF when it's covered and not in use? I've read in here topics that advocate BOTH leaving it on and turning it off.

I ask because in the packaging for the printer was a sheet that said they made a modification that AUTOMATICALLY turns the printer off after an adjustable interval. Based on that, am I safe in presuming I should let the printer turn off automatically? when it turns back on won't it go through a turn-on head cleaning every time?

And last (at least until I come up with some other dumb, newby question), I've read in here that people put a dish with a wet sponge under the cover to keep the 3880 from clogging in the winter when the humidity is low. BUT, when I talked to the Epson repair place THEY said they've had 3880s and other units come in with RUST on moving parts because of people keeping the humidity high. So, which way should I go?

I wouldn't be concerned about the last two questions except that the 2880 was supposed to be off when not in use and it gobbled ink and clogged every time it was turned on. So, I'm trying to give myself the best chance at not having problems with this new printer...

thanks for continuing your thoughts...

First, the printer is always unplugged and sitting in the corner of my room when not used for printing.  I print at least every 3 days, it has only run an auto-cleaning cycle 3 times in 6 months with 770 prints through it.  This was confirmed by the WICreset program.  The printer sits against my baseboard hot water heating system which is probably in the 120-140 degrees F range all winter, humidity about 30%, no cover, no bowl/sponge placed inside, and I have yet to have one segment missing on a nozzle check pattern (I run a nozzle check on startup and finish during each printing session).

I also run Cone pigment ink though it.

Now my R2880 (had 2 of them) is a different story, same environment, same usage, and same Cone pigment ink and now with Cone dye, and I get occassional complete color(s) missing at startup even though I used the printer the day before and the final nozzle checks were perfect.

The R2880, R3000, and R3880 all use the same ink set and have the same anti-clogging head technology, but they all have different nozzle diameters which could be one of the reasons why one type of printer is more prone to clogging than another.

Bob P.

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